The bright way to profitable power

Alfa Laval’s advanced systems, equipment and services ensure efficient engine and plant performance, with the lowest life-cycle costs and minimum impact on the environment. Our integrated solutions combine our core technologies to optimize your performance.

Boost your energy output

If you want to improve your bottom line and environmental footprint, Alfa Laval’s waste heat recovery solutions for power plants benefit both. Our systems make it possible for you to take advantage of the surplus energy that already exists on site, increasing your output ratio, while simultaneously reducing emissions.

Solutions tailored to your application

Alfa Laval delivers efficient solutions for all types of engine power plants – from back-up facilities to plants generating hundreds of megawatts of power. Naturally, we offer solutions that can handle all types of fuel and are suitable for multi-fuel engines.

Anticipate new regulations

Thinking ahead, we are committed to efficient solutions that save energy and support you in meeting new standards and regulations. A good example is PureVent, a radical new approach to crankcase gas cleaning that ensures environmental compliance while safeguarding engine performance with minimum maintenance.

Up and running in zero time

Our modular components and plug-and-play principles facilitate installation, commissioning and maintenance. So whether you’re preparing a new facility or converting an existing one, the choice of Alfa Laval has immediate advantages with ongoing benefit. All our systems are prepared for quick-start to give you instant backup power when surges in demand occur.

Extending performance

As new fuels and other factors change the way you operate, Alfa Laval is a constant that can keep you going strong. Our quality products, including spare parts that perfectly match the originals, contribute to maximum uptime and high performance, no matter where you operate.