Lube oil treatment

Alfa Laval has a range of equipment and solutions for lube oil treatment. Our high-speed separators make lube oil cleaning more cost effective, convenient and eco-friendly without the need to buy disposables such as filter cartridges. Our compact oil coolers will withstand the rigors of the toughest systems and offer maximum cooling efficiency, especially when you need high cooling capacity.

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Lube oil treatment for a healthy, trouble-free process

  • High capacity quality cleaning and right temperatures for long service life
  • Compact design saves space
  • Continuous operation
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Increases operational sustainability
With Alfa Laval equipment in your processes, you can ensure the right quality of your industrial oils at all times. The quality of your lube oil determines the lifetime of your equipment. Efficient oil cooling and cleaning minimizes wear and damage and ensures consistent operation at optimal performance. We work closely with manufacturers, machine builders and designers to ensure the best possible solution.
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On board?

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