Unique Mixproof para salida de tanque

Same basic advantages as the unique mixproof valves but specially designed for mounting directly on the tank wall at the inlets and outlets. For tank inlet and outlet applications, the Unique mixproof tank outlet (TO) valve offers full drainability and provides cleanability all the way up to the tank without any risk of cross-contamination.

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Cost effective tank outlet mixproof valve

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof TO valves feature two independent plugs. It is the choice for hygienic installations enabling safe filling or emptying of tanks. 

Exceptional spillage-free operation

A state-of-the-art double-seat design provides long-lasting, spillage-free operation thus minimizing the risk of product contamination. The use of double lip seals provides added protection to ensure safe and hygienic operation.

Easy valve to maintain and clean

Unique mixproof valves feature a top-loaded design, making maintenance fast and easy. It also features no adjustable components, a maintenance-friendly actuator and built-in leakage detection on all seals. Unique mixproof valves meet most hygienic standards and can be supplied with the optional SpiralClean cleaning system.

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You get the full benefit of using Unique mixproof valves by combining them with Alfa Laval ThinkTop and ThinkTop Basic valve sensing and control units.

Valve clusters - customized flow solutions 

We are specialists in providing pre-built valve clusters customized to meet specific, individual requirements.
Our expertise helps ensure you the most efficient flow management, using as few components as possible and dealing effectively with key issues that include thermal cycling, cleanability, drainability and flow control.
Alfa Laval valve clusters can be supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested as well as fully wired and with all the necessary pneumatic tubing, junction boxes and control panels pre-connected.
This means you can bring even complex installations online as quickly as possible, saving time and avoiding lost revenue associated with on-site troubleshooting and downtime. 

For more information, please refer to Documentation and to the Selection Guide.

For cost-effective alternatives to the Unique mixproof valve range, Alfa Laval also offers standard SMP mixproof valves. 

Product benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Safe and hygienic operation
  • Easy to maintain and clean

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Cómo funciona


El concepto de la válvula Unique Mixproof se basa en una serie de componentes básicos, que incluyen el cuerpo de la válvula, el tapón de la válvula y el actuador, así como opciones de limpieza y accesorios compatibles con una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Con el uso de estos componentes, es posible construir una válvula Unique Mixproof que coincida con sus requisitos exactos de proceso.

Para facilitar el mantenimiento, la válvula Unique Mixproof también cuenta con orificios de detección de fugas que proporcionan notificación anticipada de desgaste o daños en las juntas tóricas estáticas. Los operadores pueden inspeccionar la válvula visualmente en cualquier momento sin tener que desmontarla.

Principio de funcionamiento

La válvula Unique Mixproof de Alfa Laval es una válvula normalmente cerrada (NC) que se controla desde una ubicación remota mediante aire comprimido.

Para separar los dos líquidos, la válvula cuenta con dos tapones y sellos independientes. El espacio entre los dos sellos forma una cámara de fugas atmosférica. En el raro caso de que se produzca una fuga accidental de producto, este fluye a la cámara de fugas y se descarga por la salida de fugas.

Cuando la válvula está abierta, la cámara de fugas está cerrada. Luego el producto puede fluir de una línea a la otra sin vertidos. La válvula puede limpiarse y protegerse contra los golpes de ariete fácilmente según los específicos requisitos del proceso y la configuración de la válvula. (No se produce ningún vertido del producto durante el funcionamiento de la válvula).

SpiralClean system

Alfa Laval offers its external connected CIP system "SpiralClean". This system ensures hygienic operation in demanding applications where cleaning of the Unique Mixproof by seat lift and seat push function is not sufficient. The SpiralClean system can be added to clean the upper and lower plugs and to rinse the leakage chamber of the valve. Using less cleaning fluid, utilities and time, SpiralClean cleans more thoroughly and efficiently than conventional externally connected CIP devices.

Another big benefit: SpiralClean enables the Unique mixproof valve to operate under aseptic-like conditions, creating a steam barrier to the atmosphere upon applying steam to the CIP pipes.Unique mixproof spiral clean


    • 3-A version available upon request
    • Product wetted seals HNBR, NBR or FPM
    • Male parts or clamp liners in accordance with required standard
    • Control and indication: ThinkTop V70
    • Indication for detection of upper seat lift

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Válvulas Unique Mixproof de Alfa Laval: sustitución de los sellos bañados por producto

Válvulas antimezcla Unique Mixproof de Alfa Laval: sustitución del sello radial

Válvulas antimezcla Unique Mixproof de Alfa Laval: sustitución del sello axial