Producción de sustancias aromáticas

La fabricación de benceno, tolueno, xileno u otros aromáticos requiere una combinación de alta eficiencia de producción y bajos costos. Por eso, los productores de aromáticos confían en Alfa Laval para satisfacer la demanda global sin dejar de ser competitivos. Nuestro amplio conocimiento de las aplicaciones, así como la fiabilidad de los equipos térmicos y de separación, mantienen bajos los costes y aumentan el rendimiento y la rentabilidad.

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Optimizing aromatics production for the petrochemicals industry

To reach a whole new level of heat integration within aromatics plants, look to thermal solutions from Alfa Laval. Conventional aromatics plants that use traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers for heat integration are generally limited due to their large size and high costs. Alfa Laval’s welded heat exchangers, on the other hand, provide cost-effective heat recovery that would typically require five or more shell-and-tubes in series to do the same task. The compact design of our heat exchangers makes it possible to free up to 40% more floor space, which can then be used to increase production capacity or handle other processes.

Moreover, Alfa Laval also has innovative solutions to make processes more efficient through the use of highly efficient separation technology. There are several positions along the aromatics production line where it is critical to ensure that the compressor lube oil is clean. In thousands of installations around the world, aromatics producers rely upon Alfa Laval high-speed separation technology to extend the service life of compressor lube oil. Also noteworthy: Alfa Laval pioneered the use of screen bowl decanters in the paraxylene crystallization process.

Our technologies have been proven the world over. Alfa Laval has partnered with the world’s leading technology licensors for these aromatic processes: 

  • Hydrotreating
  • Reforming
  • Benzene-toluene extraction
  • Para-xylene recovery
  • Para-xylene isomerization
  • Transalkylation/disproportionation processes