Producción química básica

Para fabricar con éxito productos químicos básicos, los costes de producción deben ser bajos y la calidad, la consistencia y la eficiencia deben ser altas. Alfa Laval dispone de la más amplia gama de intercambiadores de calor y sistemas de separación. Nuestros intercambiadores de calor de placas y los de tubos especializados, así como nuestras separadoras centrífugas y decanters están diseñados para realizar tareas más difíciles de manera fiable y rentable.

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Optimizing base chemicals production in the petrochemical industry

The demand for petrochemical products is increasing due to rising living standards and the growing demand for a wide range of products from packaging material and plastic bags to household appliances such as refrigerators through to automobiles. This has contributed to the increased use of base chemicals, such as ethylene, propylene, ammonia/urea, methanol, butadiene and aromatics, that are derived from petroleum, natural gas or coal.

Increased profitability in base chemicals production requires maximum plant efficiency. Alfa Laval offers you a wide range of solutions to attain this goal. We help you match highly efficient equipment to your specific requirements in order to reduce energy use and installation cost while increasing plant reliability and throughput. For instance, the Alfa Laval Compabloc ­is ideal for propylene production. This compact, high-performance thermal heat exchanger improves production efficiency in virtually any given space­ – whether an existing or new installation.

In addition to our wide selection of heat exchangers, Alfa Laval offers a broad  portfolio of separation equipment, including high-speed centrifuges to clean compressor lubrication oils as well as decanters to minimize the amount of process waste or wastewater.

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