Ciclo combinado

Mediante la recuperación de la energía térmica y su utilización para producir hasta un 10% más de energía eléctrica, se puede reducir sustancialmente el consumo de combustibles fósiles. Esto conduce a un ahorro económico, pero también beneficios medioambientales en forma de reducción de las emisiones de CO2 y de otro tipo.

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Powerful heat recovery

The Alfa Laval Aalborg AV-6N is a robust and highly efficient water tube boiler with extended heating surface. Special design features like online cleaning, fast operation and vibration resistance make it ideal for maximum heat recovery in modern engine-based combined cycle power plants.

The boiler’s compact and flexible design, which makes it easy to install, allows several sections/circuits within a common casing structure. The highly efficient cleaning during operation maximizes the long-term performance and increases plant availability by minimizing the needs for engine shutdowns. Natural circulation is used in the standard steam configuration, increasing reliability, safety and energy efficiency.