Tratamiento de aceite transformado

En áreas vitales de las centrales eléctricas, los aceites minerales se utilizan como lubricantes, refrigerantes, aislantes, selladores, limpiadores y fluidos de control. Por lo tanto, mantener el aceite limpio es esencial para asegurar el funcionamiento correcto y para prolongar la vida útil de los aceites aislantes de los transformadores. Los sistemas de tratamiento de aceites de Alfa Laval ayudan prolongar la vida útil de los aceites aislantes para transformadores.

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On the pulse of transfer oil treatment

As a recognized leader in oil treatment, Alfa Laval is the ideal partner to help you to get more out of mineral oils. By efficiently removing impurities and extending the lifetime of lubricants, our solutions bring long-term protection and economy to industrial power installations. The Alfa Laval transformer oil treatment system, known as the Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module Vacuum or OCM-V, maintains the effectiveness and extends the life of transformer insulating oils.


Reliable, modular transformer insulating oil treatment

The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module Vacuum (OCM-V) is a reliable, modular transfer oil treatment system. It is based on the combination of centrifugal separation to separate particles and water and vacuum dehydration to remove dissolved water and gases. This results in highly efficient oil treatment solutions that meet the stringent quality requirements for insulating oil. Modular and flexible, the OCM-V is available in a wide range of sizes, enabling easy selection of the right treatment system to meet your capacity requirements.


Safe and efficient transformer insulating oil treatment

The contents of solids, humidity, dissolved air and gas in the oil must be kept as low as possible in order to avoid a drastic decrease in the dielectric power. Any transformer insulating oil contamination severely affects the capacity of the oil to withstand high voltages without generating electrical discharges. Safe and efficient cleaning are  therefore of utmost importance to the safety and efficiency of transformer operation. The Alfa Laval OCM-V effectively removes contaminant particles, solid impurities and free water as well as dissolved moisture and gases from any kind of mineral oils.