"District heating" asociado a generación de energía

La calefacción urbana es una de las formas más comunes de suministrar calor para áreas residenciales y comerciales. También es una excelente manera de reducir las emisiones de carbono, manteniendo al mismo tiempo un crecimiento económico sostenible. Alfa Laval puede ayudar a optimizar la calefacción urbana a través de soluciones con condensadores de intercambiador de calor de placas totalmente soldados y de alta eficiencia que reducen tanto la huella de la planta como los gastos operativos.

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District heating reduces carbon emissions

In a combined heat and power plant, one part of the extraction steam from turbine is used to supply heat for the district-heating network, which supplies our cities with hot water to heat up commercial buildings as well as our homes.

Combining district heating and electricity production in a combined heat and power plant is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. Alfa Laval offers a wide range of products to increase efficiency throughout the entire network from the power plant to the substations.

High efficiency and small footprint

Increasing the overall efficiency of the main district heating plant depends upon the reliability and performance of its heat transfer equipment. Alfa Laval has vast expertise in optimizing compact, high-efficiency heat transfer equipment for district heating and power plants. Our welded plate condensers contribute to reduced operating expenses, significant savings on steam usage and less maintenance. Thanks to the high efficiency of our plate technology, the total footprint can be reduced down to 1/3 compared to traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers. In addition, the requirements for a maintenance service area are virtually eliminated. Due to its compact size, Alfa Laval condensers can be placed on a single floor.

Made to last

Alfa Laval condensers can be supplied as single components or together with liquid level control system and filters. Equipped with AISI 316 stainless steel plate packs, Alfa Laval condensers withstand the harshest operating conditions. 

Process overview

Compbloc VS shell-and-tube (same duty)

Compabloc VS shell-and-tube multiple floor installation

Compabloc VS shell-and-tube same duty (with measurements)