Biomasa y generación de generación de energía MSW

Para eliminar las enormes cantidades de residuos sólidos que se producen diariamente, los municipios de todo el mundo dependen cada vez más de incineradores que generan vapor y electricidad. Lo mismo ocurre con los países y las industrias que producen grandes cantidades de desechos de biomasa, como los desechos agrícolas y forestales. La biomasa es una de las principales fuentes de energía para la generación de energía renovable.

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Converting biomass waste into a valuable resource

Due to population growth and improved living standards, vast quantities of biomass are produced every year. Converting these volumes into energy holds promise. Increasing the use of clean, renewable biomass power calls for reliable and efficient technologies for processes such as gasification and direct firing. 

Alfa Laval’s portfolio of heat transfer technologies is particularly well suited for these processes:

Central cooling:

  • Plate heat exchangers and self-cleaning filters for closed-loop cooling systems

Auxiliary cooling:

  • Dry coolers, Adiabatic coolers

Steam process:

  • Turbine condensers, feedwater pre-heaters, district heating condensers

Power block utilities:

  • Oil coolers, oil treatment skids, auxiliary boilers

Wastewater treatment:

  • Decanters and heat exchangers