Turbina isla

El éxito de la conversión de la energía térmica en electricidad requiere sistemas de islas de turbina seguros, fiables y eficientes. Al mismo tiempo, es fundamental garantizar la seguridad, la eficiencia de la conversión y el cumplimiento de la normativa, a la vez que se genera el máximo rendimiento. Alfa Laval tiene una amplia experiencia y una amplia gama de equipos y servicios fiables que ayudan a aumentar la seguridad, la eficiencia y el tiempo de actividad de la planta.

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Optimizing processes for turbine islands

Nuclear power plant owners face numerous challenges while converting thermal energy into electricity – from developing safer, more efficient and cost-effective processes to maximizing uptime and minimizing costs.

Alfa Laval supplies a wide range of solutions designed to boost the efficiency of the cooling, condensing, preheating and cleaning systems used in conjunction with the steam generator and turbine. We offer all types of solutions for critical turbine island processes – from equipment and services for low-pressure steam condensation and feed water pre-heating to lube oil cooling and cleaning. All of our solutions for turbine island systems are backed by the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio to extend equipment performance.

Here is a selection of sub-applications used on turbine islands that are supported by Alfa Laval:

Closed-loop cooling

Closed-loop cooling is the preferred way of cooling key processes in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants and other heavy-duty industrial environments. 

Closed-loop cooling is safe, reliable, effective and environmentally sound. Alfa Laval’s wide range of plate heat exchangers and filters make your closed-loop cooling system flexible, cost-efficient and long-lasting.

Generator cooling

Sitting on the same shaft as the turbine wheels, the generator converts the turbine’s mechanical energy to to electrical power. It is cooled first by means of hydrogen and then by water, which removes the heat from generator to transfers it to an intermediate closed-loop cooling system. Successful conversion of thermal energy into electricity requires reliable and efficient turbine island systems. At the same time, it is critical to ensure safety, conversion efficiency and regulatory compliance while generating maximum output. Alfa Laval has broad expertise and a wide range of reliable equipment and services that help increase plant safety, efficiency and uptime.

Power generation disctrict heating

This auxilary system to the nuclear power plant is used in countries where district heating is the standard way to supply residential buildings with central heating and hot water.

Transformer oil cooling and treatment

It is essential that transformer oil used in the transformer as an isolator maintains its quality according to specifications. This cooling and treatment system keeps transformer oil at the required quality and prolongs its service lifetime by preventing degradation.

Make-up water treatment

Far from being the perfect closed system, a power plant inevitably experiences water losses whether from leakage, blowdown or other causes. To ensure minimum wear and tear to power plant equipment and ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance, it is important to keep the water system in balance.

The make-up water treatment system maintains the water quality at the required level and prepares new feed water to the turbine cycle to maintain a certain amount of water. The makeup water systems in a power plant are important cornerstones to keep the plant in balance.

This is a system similar to nuclear island system.The water used in the turbine cycle has certain specifications in terms of quality, purity, pH value and other parameters. Over time, the quality of water decreases; the role of the makeup water treatment system is to maintain water quality at the required level. The system is also responsible for the preparation of new feed water to turbine cycle to maintain its water quantity.

Lube oil cooling and treatment

Exceptional performance is just one of the expectations met by Alfa Laval high-speed separators. Our separators today have a flexible scope of supply, ranging from standard options to tailored modules and even contracted solutions. Whatever your specifications, we provide the right separation solution to match your needs.

Turbine bearing boxes are lubricated and cooled down by lubricating oil, which is collected in the oil tank where it can be treated and cooled. This is arranged by means of a turbine oil cooling and treatment system.

To ensure a reliable and safe operation, it is essential to maintain the correct lube oil temperature and viscosity.  With flexible, off-the-shelf solutions, Alfa Laval can extend the lifetime of your rotating equipment.