Balance de planta

Alfa Laval suministra una amplia gama de soluciones de refrigeración, filtración y limpieza para manejar los diversos tipos de medios utilizados en las centrales nucleares -desde el aire, agua de mar y agua dulce hasta diferentes tipos de aceites- con una eficiencia excepcional.

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Optimizing processes for balance of plant systems

While nuclear island and turbine island systems are vital, balance of plant systems at nuclear power plants are equally important. A knowledgeable partner to nuclear power plant owners and operators, Alfa Laval has vast experience as well as a broad range of equipment and services for auxiliary systems not included in the nuclear core system or steam supply system. All equipment and components comply with international, national, regional and local regulations as well as standards for nuclear power plants. All our solutions are backed by the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio to extend equipment performance.

Here is a selection of sub-applications for balance of power systems that are supported by Alfa Laval:

Industrial water and waste treatment

Industrial wastewater varies considerably in specification, depending on the type of industry and local regulations In many cases, industrial wastewater requires pre-treatment before onward processing by the municipal wastewater treatment plant or complete on-site treatment. Alfa Laval offers several compact, easy-to-operate wastewater treatment technologies that produce clean effluent either for direct discharge or for downstream treatment for water reuse.

Radioactive wastewater treatment

A portion of the total waste is considered radioactive and therefore requires special treatment. As with any other waste, radioactive wastewater is separated into solid, liqud and gas parts. Alfa Laval handles disposal of this radioactive waste – safely and effectively.

Fuel systems

Alfa Laval supplies a comprehensive range of cooling, filtration and cleaning equipment to handle the various types of media – from air, sea water, fresh water to different types of oils – used in nuclear power plants with exceptional efficiency. The oil fuel system is the same as that used for other conventional plants involving oil fuel delivery, loading/reloading and storage.