Mezcla, formulación y envasado

Reliability, consistency, and regulatory compliance are vital to formulating and delivering effective pharmaceuticals. Alfa Laval has a deep understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturing, which we invest in our broad range of hygienic equipment designed to meet the stringent requirements of final formulation processing.

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Combine maximum hygiene with maximum efficiency

  • Comply with all relevant standards and cGMP
  • Safeguard product characteristics and quality and protect the integrity of the finished product
  • Ensure in-batch and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Ease commissioning, qualification, cleaning and service
  • Increase uptime and production yields while reducing energy and water consumption
Production of pharmaceuticals is especially challenging during final formulation – from developing more efficient and cost-effective processes to preserving product stability and efficacy. Achieving robust formulations – whether liquid formulations, solid dosage forms, or single dose and multi-dose forms – requires processes that promote stability while preserving the safety, identity, strength, quality and purity of the drug. Alfa Laval has a comprehensive offering, covering solutions for measuring, pumping, separating, diverting, heating, cooling, agitating or mixing, automating, controlling and cleaning for critical processes. All components are also supplied with pharmaceutical documentation packages based on Good Documentation Practice (GDP).

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